Enhancing The Experience

A Beautiful, Welcoming & Well Managed Town Centre

First impressions count. That means from the moment people ‘discover’ the town, it must offer a superior experience. BID Leamington helps to ensure visitors receive a ‘welcome’ that is worthy of our town’s ‘Royal’ status: by investing in attractive ‘enhancements’, providing information and ensuring the town centre continues to be clean, green, safe, vibrant and actively managed.

Key Project Areas

BID Leamington delivers projects that enhance the sense of the town being well cared for. From Christmas lighting, banners and bunting, to floral decorations, angels and butterflies, dressing windows and helping to reduce anti-social behaviour, we understand the importance of how the town feels.


  • Lighting up Leamington at Christmas
  • Butterflies & Angels supporting visitors with their shopping needs and parking
  • Leamington in Bloom – Floral Displays
  • Active Place Management – Public realm, vacancies, Meaningful Change and anti-social behaviour

Providing a Warm Welcome to Leamington

Royal Leamington Spa offers a beautiful, welcoming and safe environment where customers can easily discover and enjoy the unique offer.

As consumer habits change and evolve, traditional face-to-face retail sales and town centre footfall are impacted.  Attracting customers through great marketing can only be successful if the experience meets these expectations when they arrive.

BID Leamington is working to support Royal Leamington Spa to be seen as somewhere to have a great experience as well as shop. This will not only attract people but increase dwell time, spend, and encourage return visits.

Experiencing Royal Leamington Spa is about the whole package on offer – from first impressions, the welcome upon arrival, the way visitors get around and the things they do when they are here to the messages visitors take away and tell their friends about. It is also part of how we develop a commitment to the town – loyalty and pride.

To enhance the Royal Leamington Spa experience, BID Leamington provides:

  • Street scene improvements: floral displays, bunting, lighting
  • Leamington Ambassadors: Volunteers and supporters to help communicate what the town has to offer
  • Meaningful Change Campaign: Encouraging people to give responsibly when faced with people who are begging in the local area
  • The Purple Flag Scheme: Meeting the standards of evening and night-time economy management to offer ‘a better night out’ to visitors