Influencing & Inspiring


A Thriving Centre of Commerce & Creativity

After 14 years BID Leamington is firmly established as the voice of business and is viewed as an influencer, shaping how the town changes. We have the expertise and passion to represent business interests on a wide range of issues locally and nationally. In the face of significant change, we guide and champion the right kind of investment, seize opportunities, mitigate issues and work to ensure business interests are given full consideration.

We monitor the town’s health, ensure regulations are fit for purpose and readily embrace challenges to defend the town from development threats. We lobby and work in partnership to achieve the best outcome for the town.

Key Project Areas

BID Leamington delivers projects:-


  • Providing Place Leadership and Strategy particularly in Local Leadership Meetings
  • Monitoring & Managing Town Centre Health
  • Lobbying for Additional Support – locally and nationally
  • Future Leamington and Placemaking Talks
  • Parking, Planning & Infrastructure
  • Strategic & Powerful Partnerships


Projects from BID Leamington

The BID team is here to keep you posted with all things that we’ve been doing. Below are some of the projects that we’ve recently been working on. If you have a project that you would like help delivering please contact us.