Pedi Bikes in Leamington #LiftLeam

Delivered by BID Leamington and Partners

Ambitions to meet important sustainable development, health and well-being, environment, mobility, climate change and air quality goals are being actively discussed by the BID Leamington team, alongside practical, technical, financial and social considerations.

We want to #PowerPositiveChange and see opportunity to improve research, dialogue and for greater business leadership as part of our emerging future agenda in this space. We also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with local partners and to experiment with ideas to gauge feedback – a tactical urbanism approach.

One such collaborative trail called ‘#LiftLeam’ that we were very proud to support was with University of Warwick’s free Creative Futures Incubator, which is based in Leamington Spa’s co-working space 1 Mill Street. Two e-trikes, from Hail Services arrived in town to promote the programme and power customers up and down the Parade whilst it was closed (during Covid).

Building on this success BID Leamington once again worked with Hail Services and arranged for two Royal Leamington Spa branded e-trikes to transport visitors around our town centre during the Commonwealth Games. These were loaded with maps and guides promoting local businesses and provided over 700 lifts! They were also featured on ITV News (below).

This is just the beginning of our thinking, so please let us know if you have ideas or would like to play a role in future.