Royal Leamington Spa is a beautiful, distinct and vibrant town that does things differently to achieve unique results. It matters ‘how’ things are done and at the heart of the this are the ideas of community, creativity and wellbeing.

Since 2008, the Business Improvement District (BID) for Royal Leamington Spa  has made excellent progress in delivering services and projects, agreed by the BID Board and its partners, which increase the appeal of the town, support the businesses and help to improve trading performance. 

BID Leamington delivers for the town and its local businesses through four activity areas: Promoting, Enhancing, Supporting and Influencing. Some of our initiatives are very high public profile and some less so, all with the common aim of improving Royal Leamington Spa for the benefit of all.


We provide a single, collective voice for the retail and leisure businesses of Leamington, raising matters of concern with decision makers, providing business support to support growth and promote the town far and wide.

We are proud to be accredited by The BID Foundation, recognising the strong governance, transparency and accountability of BID Leamington.

Throughout this website, our aim is to inform and support the 355 levy paying businesses and our voluntary members who, through BID Leamington, contribute towards creating an attractive, safe and well-promoted town. We also like to hear from you directly, so please do get in touch if you can’t find what you need.

BID Renewal 2023-2028

In March 2023, businesses were asked to vote on the continuation of BID Leamington for a further five years in a renewal ballot. We are pleased to announce the proposal to renew BID Leamington until 2028 was supported with 90% of businesses voting in favour by number, and 94% in favour by rateable value. The formal declaration can be viewed by clicking here. We wish to extend our sincere thanks to town centre businesses for their continued trust and support and look forward to supporting you to ensure the town that we love is as strong and vibrant as it can be. Please click (the image) or get in touch to learn more about this important decision for businesses.

Here are a few examples of our public facing projects. Highlighted Projects and each of the activity theme areas, Promoting, Enhancing, Supporting and Influencing showcase the full breadth of our work.

Elves in Leamington

Elves in Leamington

Elves in Leamington Delivered by BID Leamington in partnership with Gibsonhaus During Covid, all normal festive...

Pumpkin Path

Pumpkin Path

Bringing families to Leamington during Hallowe’en, our pumpkin trail is now an annual event in our BID Leamington calendar…

Watch This Space

Watch This Space

Watch this space is an ambitious, vibrant campaign to bring unused high street windows to life in Royal Leamington Spa…

Latest BID News

WRCI Receives National Accreditation

WRCI Receives National Accreditation

Leamington crime initiative receives national accreditation – demonstrating it can lawfully and effectively deter and reduce crime, and adheres to industry standards. The Warwickshire Retail Crime Initiative (WRCI) is pleased to announce…

April Update – News, Events, Activities

April Update – News, Events, Activities

We hope you are well … please read on for an overview of the weeks ahead, plus upcoming dates and activities – including news, new business and rates information we have posted or emailed about recently…

BID Renewal – Businesses Vote ‘Yes’!

BID Renewal – Businesses Vote ‘Yes’!

Businesses in Leamington Spa have voted to support their Business Improvement District (BID) for a fourth term. This means BID Leamington will continue to help ensure the town centre and its businesses are supported…

Our Engagement – At a Glance

Town Centre BID Businesses

As a Business Improvement District we work with all our levy paying businesses and voluntary members to support and represent them and also for the benefit of the town as a whole.

£'s invested annually in the Town Centre

BID businesses pay an annual levy based on their property value to fund BID Leamington. In addition to this, financial contributions and project funding is secured from the public and private sectors here to further enhance investment into the town.

Number of customers we engage with annually

Promoting Leamington Spa and its businesses we communicate and attract hundreds of thousands of people into the town through promotional and marketing activity as well as high profile public events, all of which contribute to the vitality of Leamington.

Hours of support we provide annually to Town Centre businesses

Providing timely and relevant information, support and training to our businesses enables them to dedicate more time to doing what they do best – running their business. 

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