Powering a PosItive Future


Setting the Future Direction

A healthy town centre must maintain a balance between the needs of the business community with other stakeholders. BID Leamington takes this responsibility very seriously and ensures the businesses are involved in helping to set the agenda and direction of future investment and development of the town. 
BID Leamington is also leading the agenda for sustainability having just trialled Pedi-Bikes for the Commonwealth games reducing vehicle movements and improving air quality and is keen to deliver on a greener agenda for Leamington town centre.

Key Project Areas


  • Leamington Transformation
  • Pedi-Bike Trials
  • Green Leamington

Projects from BID Leamington

The BID team is here to keep you posted with all things that we’ve been doing. Below are some of the projects that we’ve recently been working on. If you have a project that you would like help delivering please contact us.