About Us

Since 2008, the Business Improvement District (BID) for Royal Leamington Spa  has made excellent progress in delivering services and projects, agreed by the BID Board and its partners, which increase the appeal of the town, support the businesses and help to improve trading performance.

BID Leamington delivers for the town and its local businesses through four activity areas: Promoting, Enhancing, Supporting and Influencing. Some of our initiatives are very high public profile and some less so, all with the common aim of improving Royal Leamington Spa for the benefit of all.

We provide a single, collective voice for the retail and leisure businesses of Leamington, raising matters of concern with decision makers, providing business support to support growth and promote the town far and wide.

We are proud to be accredited by The BID Foundation, recognising the strong governance, transparency and accountability of BID Leamington. This is detailed below.

Please take time to explore this website to learn more about us and our activities. The BID team are very passionate about supporting the town and it’s businesses, so please get in touch if you would like to meet us or find out more.

We can be contacted on 01926 470634 or by email: info@bidleamington.com. We also urge you to join us on social media by following the links at the bottom of our homepage. 

Industry Standards: Descriptors and Guidance 

11 industry standards have been compiled in consultation with The BID Foundation Council and are deemed as achievable for all BIDs. Please see the extended descriptor for each standard below for further guidance:

1. Staff Contact Details

The contact details for the CEO/BID Manager, and all other staff funded through the BID.

2. BID Business Plan

The current BID business plan.

3. BID Ballot Result

The most recent BID ballot result by percentage for number and Rateable Value, including percentage turnout and total number of eligible voters.

4. BID Board Directors

The names of BID Board members and the name of their business and/or the sector they represent.

5. BID Governance Structure

These must cover – Rules for the election of Directors and Terms of Reference for the Board.

6. Minutes of Board Meetings

A mechanism or contact details for levy payers to request minutes of Board meetings.

7. Feedback to the BID

An explanation on how levy payers can provide feedback to the BID. For example details of an AGM and/or other regular meetings and/or specified contact route.

8. Procurement Policy

A procurement policy must be published and Minutes of all decisions made at Board meetings regarding expenditure of the BID levy in line with this policy.

9. A Register of all Pecuniary and Personal Interests

This must be updated at every Board meeting and made available upon request.

10. Annual Billing Leaflet

This must be sent to levy payers detailing how funds have been spent.

11. Annual Report and Accounts

Must be produced and published.