Why we are refocussing on our online communities and why that matters.


Reflecting on how the past year has changed the town centre, our community and our role supporting it, we are currently undertaking a review of the town’s ‘Royal Leamington Spa’ and ‘Love Leamington’ brands, and that includes how we create a dialogue with locals and visitors through our social media.

Among other things, the pandemic highlighted the huge amount of LOVE people have for businesses in our town centre. We have also seen the ‘Love Leamington’ brand, the LoveLeam hashtag and www.loveleamington.com take centre stage, and recognise the huge role that digital marketing now plays in supporting local prosperity.

Over the past 10 years we have amassed over 25,000 followers across our channels and, being early adopters of social media some of our older names and accounts such as @LeamingtonGuide on Twitter now feel confusing, while others were created to serve a need that has now shifted. Reflecting the need to consolidate some platforms, and expand into other newer more relevant channels, we are taking our social media followers on a journey. 

And we hope you will join us …

Going forward, ‘Love Leamington’ will become a constant across the town centres’ digital universe. ‘Love’ reflects the wonderful shift towards supporting our local businesses… and the location of those we support – the literal the ‘heart’ of the town.

Importantly, ‘Royal Leamington Spa’ will form a key element in our searchable bios across all our platforms. We will also be aligning our content around our audience needs, and four strategic pillars of: ‘community’, ‘the senses’, ‘service’ and ‘trust’. 

So, look out for these changes, and give us a thumbs up, like or a heart to let us know you’re on board:

@LeamingtonGuide on Twitter will now become @LoveLeamington.

@leamington_town_centre on Instagram will also become @LoveLeamington. This is the most significant change – as we invite you to move.

and we will remain @RoyalLeamingtonSpaTownCentre on Facebook.

Various events (such as the Food Festival) and Facebook pages and groups (such as BID Leamington) will continue as before, and we also have some new platforms coming online soon.

Please continue to tag your posts #LoveLeam so we can find and share your content too. Where relevant, you can also use #TasteLeam and #LeamFoodFest.

Together these changes will help us to deliver more meaningful communications to you and foster even more loyalty, trust and support.

Please stay tuned for further blogs with more detail on our emerging strategy to support town centre businesses, attract investment, keep our community connected, celebrate positive experiences, and continue to ensure our town centre is a community with a real heart.