Summer is just around the corner and once again we will be tapping into the town’s strong DNA and working together to create fun and opportunity in the town center this summer.

This can be seen in our incredible entrepreneurial history, beautiful architecture, stunning gardens and strong mix of small and large businesses. Over the last five years we have nurtured and built on this foundation to create a culture of working together to foster loyalty and offer customers a spectacular experience.

There is also an exciting calendar of events – some of which are delivered by BID Leamington but many delivered by hard working volunteers in the community. These events attract thousands of visitors to the town centre every year.

All this combined means that the town centre and its community is resilient and well placed to navigate change. However, there is no doubt that there still uncertainty and we know that even small changes to footfall, spend and currency can impact businesses, particularly our smaller ones. That is why we will be working hard to support local businesses to continue to ‘play to your strengths’ – buying smartly and offering fabulous products, service and experiences.

We will also be supporting and encouraging businesses to stay nimble and to act in new ways where needed. Things that can be considered include embracing new technologies, building unique bundles of products and services, utilising your email databases creatively, promoting your expertise and supporting each other to work together in imaginative ways.

With a number of activities and events coming up, here are a few ideas about how to capitalise on the captive audience they bring …

Making the most of events, marketing & promotions …

  • Would you would like to feature in the next photo shoot … just let us know?
  • Do you have any news or offers for the – just email them through to anytime.
  • Host a themed event in your shop. We will promote it on the ‘Royal Leamington Spa’ website and in the local papers.
  • Give us flyers or offers to distribute at events. We often have a stall and staff on standby to help you get involved in some way.
  • Tweet it Up! Look out for the relevant hashtags –  #LoveLeam #LeamFoodFest etc.
  • Help us bring the town alive with fabulous themed window displays

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more.

Stephanie Kerr
July 2016