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RLS BID Photo Submissions

Please use the form below to supply us with 3 photos to represent your business on the new Royal Leamington Spa town website. If you have one you can also supply your businesses logo.

These photos are important, as they will be used on the Royal Leamington Spa’s website to promote you in the Directory of Shops and Businesses.

Any queries please get in touch here.

    Business Details:

    You Details:

    Please include all the essential information for your business in this section.

    Business Imagery:

    Here we would like you to provide imagery for your business, ideally your logo and 3x photographs. As these photos will be seen by the public to promote your business, please try and make them of a good quality.

    IMPORTANT: We can’t include any imagery that you don't have the permission to use. Please do not upload images you have found on Google, as these will very likely belong to someone and you will be liable if any legal notices come in.

    If in any doubt, try and take a well lit photo of the business yourself with a smart device, if necessary, and upload it via this form.

    See preview image for how these will be used on the RLS website.

    Preview of RLS imagery usage

    Minimum Sizes & Tips

    Where possible try and make sure your photos are well lit and in focus.

    Ideally all photography will be in landscape, wider than they are tall. Preferred sizes no smaller than 1080px × 720px at 72dpi, with a minimum file size of 200kb. You can still upload files larger than this, however the form will take a little longer to submit as it takes longer to process larger images.

    The support images you provide can be smaller than the supplied featured image. However, please be aware we can make images smaller for the website, however enlarging very small photographs will degrade and blur the image quality significantly and reflect badly on your business.

    BID Photography

    NOTE: We may be able to organise a photographer to take images of your premises when in town for an event. Tick the box below if this is something you would be interested in if the opportunity arrises.

    IMPORTANT: Image Rights (required)

    Business Logo

    Promotional Photographs

    We require 3 promotional images for your business. Please upload these 3 images below, from your PC, Tablet or Phone.

    NOTE: Ideally these will be landscape images, no smaller than 1080px × 720px at 72dpi, with a minimum file size of 200kb.

    Marketing Permissions:

    Your personal info will NOT will not be used on the RLS website, unless it is your business contact details.

    You can read our Privacy Policy here.