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BID Ballot Result 2018

Business Improvement District – BID Leamington Renewal Ballot

A ballot was held on the proposal to renew the Business Improvement District (BID) for Leamington Spa Town Centre for a further 5-year period from 1 July 2018 to 31 June 2023.

The ballot was conducted entirely by post on behalf of the Ballot Holder, Bill Hunt, who is the Warwick District Council, Deputy Chief Executive, by the Independent Scrutineer, Electoral Reform Services (ERS) of 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW.

Ballot papers were sent to all eligible owners and tenants for all the properties they own or lease in the BID area. The result of the ballot is as follows.

BID 2018 Declaration of Result

Business Improvement District Renewal Ballot Result (pdf)

Based on this the proposal to establish a Business Improvement District for Leamington Spa Town Renewal Ballot is approved, with a majority of:

  • 79% in favor by number
  • 85% in favor by combined rateable value
  • The turnout was 55%.

BID Levy Rules, Governance & Decision Making

BID Levy rules and governance arrangements are set out in the BID Business Plan (please see below).

Decisions relating to activities of the BID are made by the BID Leamington Board of Directors in accordance with the BID Business Plan. Board meetings are held approximately every six weeks. The Executive Director presents a report detailing existing and proposed BID projects and associated financial information to the Board and actions are discussed, then if agreed, delivered by the BID team. BID Levy payers may request the minutes of Board meetings by contacting the Executive Director or the BID Chair by email or mail. Members who are considering joining the Board are also welcome to get in touch.

BID Leamington also hosts popular open business meetings 3-4 times per year where members are invited to hear about past and upcoming events, promotions and activities and feedback to the BID Board and the wider team. Meeting dates and locations are published on the website, in newsletters and invites are hand delivered in the weeks prior to the event. The BID team are also open to feedback throughout the year and can be contacted by phone on 01926 470634 or by email on


BID Business Plan

BID legislation – Local Government Act 2003
(England & Wales)

Further information about BIDs in the UK can be found on ‘The BID Foundation‘ website. BID Leamington is a member of The BID Foundation and serves on the representative Council.

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Our members receive regular updates by email as well as hand delivered newsletters which can be downloaded below. Please see 'Covid-19' for 2020/2021 updates.

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